By: Carly Chagas
July 11, 2018
July provides an abundant amount of local food in Canada. One of our favourite summer fruits, peaches, are officially in season! Head over to your...
farmer's market
By: Carly Chagas
June 6, 2018
Outdoor local farmer’s markets are finally here! We definitely look forward to this season all year as it truly is the best celebration of...
black bean nachos
By: Carly Chagas
June 1, 2018
Some nights, especially in the summer, we don’t feel like standing over a stove cooking. When that happens, we turn to our soups and...
spring cleaning
By: Carly Chagas
May 23, 2018
Spring means many things to us – an abundance of fresh food, warmer weather and of course, spring cleaning. Taking some time every so...
By: Carly Chagas
April 27, 2018
Nothing says spring like fresh spring local foods. We look forward to this season all year round as local produce starts to become more...