Apples: Local Ingredient Spotlight

By: Carly Chagas
October 31, 2018

Fall is at it’s ultimate peak and it means an abundant amount of local fall produce including one of our favourite fruits, apples. You might not typically associate fall with fruit, but there are some local fruits available this season including pears, crabapples, cranberries and apples. Luckily for us, apples are a hearty fruit and are available locally essentially year round!

Most people have preferences when it comes to the type of apple they purchase. Did you know that in Canada each province grows different varieties of apples? In Ontario specifically, we grow over 15 different varieties including ambrosia, cortland, gala, honeycrisp and mcintosh!

What do you love most about apples? Is it how sweet they are? Crunchy? Full of fibre and vitamin C. One of our favourite things about apples are that they stay fresh in the fridge for weeks! So they are a hearty fruit to have stocked at home that you don’t have to worry about wasting. If you do have a stock of apples at home, explore some of the apple-inspired recipes below!

Butternut Squash & Apple Soup – want to add a little sweetness to our Butternut Squash soup? Blend in a tart apple and a dash of maple syrup!

Fall Harvest Salad – This fall-inspired salad is packed full of healthy ingredients showcasing everything fall has to offer.

Apple, Tahini & Honey Toast – Apple on toast? Yup! This toast combines creamy tahini, tart apple and sweet honey. It’s a perfect balanced combination.

Baked Apple Chips – Say see you later to potato chips. These apple chips are just as crunchy, but loaded with more nutrition.

Apple Pie – What would a list of apple recipes be without an apple pie recipe? We have personally tested this recipe a couple times and it is without a doubt the best we’ve had.

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