spring cleaning
By: Carly Chagas
May 23, 2018
Spring means many things to us – an abundance of fresh food, warmer weather and of course, spring cleaning. Taking some time every so...
By: Carly Chagas
April 27, 2018
Nothing says spring like fresh spring local foods. We look forward to this season all year round as local produce starts to become more...
By: Carly Chagas
April 14, 2018
Whether you live in a small apartment or large house in the country, everyone can benefit from introducing composting into their household. What exactly...
carron farms
By: Carly Chagas
March 24, 2018
Hello, Spring! Eating local is about transitioning your diet with the seasons to include what’s currently grown and available. Now that spring is officially...
By: Carly Chagas
March 10, 2018
Canada’s Own is dedicated to family farms and local economies, offering the best locally prepared foods from Canadian chefs and farmers. Every product we...
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