Camping Local Food Ideas

By: Carly Chagas
July 31, 2018

Camping on the long weekend in Canada is a common tradition for many families. Provincial park campsites fill up months before the long weekend, so if you were lucky enough to snag a site, you might be thinking to yourself what are you going to cook?! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite food ideas for camping (featuring local food, of course!) to help you get inspired.


Breakfast skillet – Bringing a cast iron skillet while camping is a must. Add loads of chopped local vegetables like zucchini, potatoes, onions and peppers to your cast iron along with some eggs for a healthy, easy breakfast.

Overnight oats – Do you prefer a quick breakfast before your busy day hiking or spending time at the beach? Prepping a big jar or two of overnight oats with some local fruit is a great, easy camping breakfast.

Breakfast sandwiches – Prepare foil-wrapped breakfast sandwiches ahead of time. Simply heat them up in your campfire in the morning.

Pancakes – Now you might not typically associate pancakes with camping, but premix all of the ingredients in a jar and you can make pancakes in minutes! You can either heat them up on your cast iron on the fire or your camp stove. Don’t forget to add some local blueberries.


Gazpacho – For those times you don’t feel like cooking at your campsite, taking a bag of our Tomato Basil soup to make a quick gazpacho is a great option.

Sandwiches – Now sandwiches may seem basic, but they are a great meal to pack while camping. You can quickly put together the sandwiches in the morning and pack them in your backpack for your day of adventure! We like making a big batch of chickpea salad and bring some cold cuts and cheese.

Protein-packed salad – Preparing a big protein-packed salad filled with local veggies, chickpeas and quinoa will keep you full all afternoon! Fill the salad with heartier vegetables that are less likely to get wilted and soggy such as peppers, corn and onions. Add in your tomatoes and cucumbers to serve.


Hard boiled eggs – A protein-packed snack that’s great to take with you on long hikes.

Fruit – Peaches, cherries, apples and berries are all great, local options.

Trail mix – Nuts and seeds are a classic camping and hiking snack for a reason. They’re full of healthy fats and will keep your energy levels up while you’re out and about.


Chili – There is nothing better than a smoky, spicy chili and nothing does it better than a campfire! While relaxing at the campfire, simmer your favourite chili (like our Black Bean Chili) and enjoy the most flavourful chili you’ve ever tasted! Camping hack: Freeze your bag of black bean chili so it doubles as ice in your cooler for your other local food goods.

Veggies & Meat Foil Packets – It really is as simple as it sounds. Add your favourite veggies, meats and spices together into wrapped tinfoil. Toss the wrapped onto the side of the fire and have an incredibly easy clean up dinner! This can be switched up to seafood, steak or chicken so it’s a great meal to rotate through while you’re camping.

Macaroni & Cheese – Cook some bacon in your cast iron grill on the fire and add it to your favourite mac and cheese for a smoky, creamy meal.


S’mores – Need we say anymore? This classic shouldn’t be missed!

Apple Crisp – Make an apple crisp in your cast iron skillet!

Grilled Peaches – Toss some halved peaches directly on the grill for a sweet treat.

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