Ontario’s Greenbelt is a permanently protected green space: farmland, vibrant communities, forests, wetlands and watersheds. It is vital to the quality of life in southern Ontario, surrounding the province’s Golden Horseshoe, the most populated area of Canada.

The Greenbelt’s 1.8 million acres (728,000 hectares) encompasses the Niagara Escarpment, the Oak Ridges Moraine, Rouge Park, agricultural land, pristine environment and hundreds of rural towns and villages.

The Greenbelt was created by legislation in February of 2005 to protect key farmland and environmentally sensitive areas from urban development. If you live in Southern Ontario or anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe from Niagara to Durham, and from Northumberland to Lake Simcoe, the Greenbelt is close to you—perfect for an easy day trip. Watch for road signs and trail markers that indicate you are in the Greenbelt.

Produce from the Greenbelt is featured in Canada’s Own Vegetable Stock.