Canada’s Own is proud to work with the Oat and Barley Farmers of Ontario, which supplies top-quality cereals to make our products even more made-in-Canada proud. In Ontario, these crops represent farm cash receipts of $82.8 million and 258,000 acres.

The Oat and Barley Farmers of Ontario is a steering committee responsible for leading a proposal to have oat and barley farmers represented by the Grain Farmers of Ontario, which currently represents Ontario’s growers of corn, soybean and wheat.

By coming under the umbrella of the Grain Farmers of Ontario, this committee hopes to make oat and barley growing more profitable through research that will lead to better yields, through market development initiatives that will improve returns to growers and by elevating government and industry relations advocacy to advance grower interests. Barley from the Oat & Barley Farmer’s of Ontario is featured in Canada’s Own Kale & Barley Soup.