When Canada’s Own set out to find the perfect tomato for our sauces and soup, we knew there was only one place to go—Essex County, Ontario. With Leamington often referred to as “the Sun Parlour of Canada,” Essex County plays host to a number of crops that thrive in its warmer-than-average climate. Tomatoes are the area’s bread and butter.

Canada’s Own is proud to partner with a number of small tomato producers who call Essex County home. With a tradition of tomato-growing that stretches back almost 100 years, these farmers have the formula for perfect produce down pat. And when you taste our soup, chilis and sauces, you’ll be impressed by the intense flavour of these delicious tomatoes.

Essex county tomatoes are featured in our Canada’s Own Tomato Basil Soup, and are used as the tomato ingredient in many of our products.