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Guide To Your Local Farmer’s Market

By: Carly Chagas
June 6, 2018

Outdoor local farmer’s markets are finally here! We definitely look forward to this season all year as it truly is the best celebration of local food. Is there anything better than waking up on Saturday morning and heading to your local farmer’s market with a coffee? We think not.

Going to your local farmer’s markets doesn’t require a strict plan or itinerary, but having some quick and easy tips can make your trip more successful. Read some of our tips below that will help guide you around your local farmer’s market.

Bring your own bags

Don’t forget to pack your own reusable totes to carry your produce! Some stands may have plastic bags, but we highly recommend foregoing the plastic. We also love to bring reusable produce bags.

Bring small bills and change

Showing up to the market with large bills could make things more difficult for the vendors. We recommend bringing small bills and change to make your transactions that much easier.

Ask questions

Some of you may remember the CBC Marketplace showing that some vendors at local farmer’s markets were making false claims about the produce they were selling. They were just ‘reselling’ produce purchased in bulk and claimed it was from their local farms. To ensure your local produce is actually local, ask questions! Most vendors would be happy to have a conversation with you about their farm and what they’re selling.

Go with a plan

You don’t necessarily need to prepare a meal preparation list prior to heading to the market, but be sure to take a look at your local availability guide to see what’s in season. Let the local produce create inspiration for your cooking for the week. Farmer’s markets are an amazing opportunity to try new produce and to purchase what’s local and fresh. This month, you can expect to see some local fruit including cherries and strawberries as well as many different veggies!

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