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Local Love: Spotlight on Carron Farms

By: Carly Chagas
March 24, 2018

Hello, Spring! Eating local is about transitioning your diet with the seasons to include what’s currently grown and available. Now that spring is officially here, we are slowly transitioning our diet away from warming, hearty foods to lighter, fresher food. What local spring foods are you most excited for?

Why do we support local farms? We believe that local food tastes better and it overall reduces your environmental footprint! Supporting Canadian companies and farmers is important to us and spending $10 a week on local food puts $2.4 billion back into our Canadian economy. A small choice can have a big impact!

We work with several farmers in Canada for the ingredients in our soups and the carrots in our soups come from a local farm called Carron Farms!

Carron Farms

Carron Farms a family-run farm that is located in the lush Holland Marsh, Ontario and has been operating since 1934 by the Verkaik family. From fruits to root vegetables, the farm provides quality, local produce all year round while utilizing climate-controlled storage systems.

Carron Farms focuses on sustainable farming through various farming techniques including reducing reliance on fossil fuels in farming vehicles, regular plant and soil analysis, replenishing soil through composting organic matter, regularly rotating their crops and much more!

Want to try some of Carrons Farms tasty produce? Register for their Harvest Share Food Box, or try our Roasted Carrot soup.

We roast the carrots in our soup to bring our their natural, earthy sweetness. If you’re looking for a lighter spring soup recipe, try our Spring Carrot & Apple Soup! It features our Roast Carrot soup, comes together in minutes and has a bit of sweetness from local apples.

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