Simple ways to reduce food waste

By: Carole-Ann
February 25, 2013

By: Hillary Graham

Last month, we asked the question “what do you do to reduce your household food waste?”. This was on the heels of a disturbing report that stated that almost half of the food we produce goes to waste. We received some great responses via twitter – thank you for taking the time to send them!

Using your responses plus some other ones we dug up, here is a great list of easy ways to reduce food waste:

1. Keep scraps for stocks: 

2. Freeze your fruit and veggies: I freeze fruit and vegetable purée in ice cube trays so I have small portions to use in smoothies, soups, whenever I need them! Here are some other tips for freezing (courtesy of Moment of Science):

– Starchy fruits or vegetables with little water like peas and corn freeze well because they maintain their general structure in spite of damage due to freezing

– Vegetables like lettuce and cucumbers don’t freeze very well because they contain lots of water which makes them mushy when thawed. Unless you’re planning to cook those veggies first, then they freeze much better!

3. Make a “kitchen sink” soup or baby food (imperfect does not mean inedible!): 

4. Meal plan, recycle, and BUY LESS: 

5. Check before you pitch: When foods have been in the cupboard or fridge for ages and are questionable there’s a great resource called Still Tasty which should help from throwing out potentially still edible foods (we wrote about this in a past post: “your resource to less food waste”).

6. Home canning (click here for some great ways to use make the most of your home canned goods): 

7. Rotate (courtesy of The Daily Green): after you buy groceries, make sure you bring older food items to the front of the fridge or cupboard and put new ones behind (then you won’t forget about the older food and leave it to rot!)

8. Compost – reduces garbage and makes for great garden soil: 

With an expected world population of 9 billion by 2050, and increase in food demand by 70-100% (stat from Chatham House via GOOD), helpful tips like these go a long way!