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Spotlight on Local Farms

By: Carly Chagas
August 4, 2016

We are dedicated to supporting local family farms. All of our products feature high quality, local produce grown right here in Canada!

Why support local farms? Not only does the produce taste amazing, but by buying local you reduce your carbon footprint all while supporting the local Canadian economy. Spending $10 a week on local food puts $2.4 billion back into our economy. That’s a small change with a huge impact!

With the summer weather being at an ultimate peak, there is no better time to explore our beautiful country to see what it has to offer. Check out some of our favourite local farms below!

Carron Farms

Located in the lush Holland Marsh, Ontario, this family-run farm has been operating since 1934 by the Verkaik family. From fruits to root vegetables, the farm provides quality, local produce all year round while utilizing climate-controlled storage systems. Want to try some of their tasty produce? Register for their Harvest Share Food Box, or try our Roasted Carrot soup.

Growers of the Greenbelt

Did you know we have the world’s largest permanently protected Greenbelt located right here in Ontario? The Greenbelt spans 2 million acres of land protecting environmentally sensitive areas and productive farmland from urban development. Looking to explore this national treasure? Use their handy locator to find markets and farms near you. Or try our Vegetable Stock featuring a medley of farm-ripened vegetables from the area.

Grain Farmers of Ontario

There are 28,000 farms located right in Ontario growing barley, corn, wheat, soybeans and oats. Over 40 thousand jobs and $9 billion in economic output are a result of these farms. We are proud to support the Canadian economy, that’s why the barley in our Kale & Barley Soup is grown in Ontario!

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

You may have heard that it is the year of the pulses, but what does that mean? Pulses are a class of legumes that include dried peas, edible beans, lentils and chickpeas. The United Nations wants to bring awareness to the fact that pulses should be utilized as part of a sustainable food production aimed both towards food security and nutrition. There’s no better time to try local Saskatchewan grown pulses! You can find them in our Vegetarian Split Pea Soup, Red Lentil Dal Soup and Vegan Green Lentil Soup.

Tomato Growers of Essex County

We found the perfect tomatoes in Essex County, Ontario. We partner with multiple small farms to provide only the best local produce for our products. Find them in our Tomato Basil Soup and other products!

Rowe Farms

Since we value sustainable, local produce, it’s no surprise that we wanted to find farms raising animals to the same high standards. Rowe Farms, based out of Guelph, Ontario, fits that criteria perfectly. They raise all of their animals in low-stress environments without the use of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones. We feature Rowe Farms chicken in our Chicken Noodle Soup and Chicken Stock.

Persall Farms

Persall Farms has been producing quality, artisan-products for four generations! Located in Waterford, Ontario, they have been mastering the art of sustainable agriculture to produce top-quality dried beans, oils and vinegars. Find some of their products under their retail brand “Pristine Gourmet” or try our Black Bean Chili featuring their black turtle beans.

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