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Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Pantry

By: Carly Chagas
May 23, 2018

Spring means many things to us – an abundance of fresh food, warmer weather and of course, spring cleaning. Taking some time every so often to do a deep clean in your kitchen can help you feel refreshed and organized.

A few of our organizing tips below can help with your spring cleaning adventures!

Use jars and containers

Buying in bulk definitely has its benefits, but having an excess of stocked ingredients can get cluttered. By organizing your dry goods into jars, it ensures that everything is out in the open and organized. If you have extra dry goods, keep a designated overstock bin or drawer that you use to stock up your jars. Better yet, some bulk stores will even let you bring your own jar to fill up at the store!

Label everything

Not everyone has a label maker, but there are many ways to label jars! Whether it’s using a marker, chalk or a sticker, keeping everything labelled makes it so much easier to grab what you need and go.

Organize from the front to back

Keeping all your most used ingredients and jars in the front of your pantry ensures easy access. Who else hates having to dig through a cluttered pantry looking for what you need? If you organize by most-used to least-used, it makes your kitchen much more functional. Also, if you notice that your least-used ingredients are never being used, perhaps it’s time to donate them!

Donate what you don’t need

Last and most importantly, if you have anything that you don’t need, donate it! Reach out to your local food banks to donate any excess food that you haven’t touched in your cupboards for months (we’re all guilty of it!).

Once you’re done spring cleaning and organizing your kitchen pantry, it’s time for the fridge!

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